FES has started to work in Vietnam in 1990. Since that time, it has implemented many long term partnerships with Vietnamese organizations.

Academy of Journalism and Communication (AJC)

The collaboration between FES Vietnam and the Academy of Journalism and Communication (AJC) aims to train journalists, for example regarding environmental topics. In the last years this was done by facilitating the dialogue between AJC and Deutsche Welle Global Ideas.

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Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV)

The ruling Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) cooperates with FES Vietnam for broad and international political dialogue. In order to strengthen the renovation process (doi moi) and to foster the exchange of experiences and ideas, FES Vietnam invites various international experts to Vietnam, ranging from high-ranking politicians and ministerial officials to senior professionals to meet with the CPV members.

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Ministry of Justice and Hanoi Law University

FES Vietnam and Hanoi Law University (HLU) organise German-Vietnamese Law Days every year. This is when international experts come to Vietnam to discuss current topics with international importance.

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National Assembly

FES Vietnam's collaboration with the National Assembly of Vietnam commenced in the year 2000. This partnership aims at strengthening the relevance and strength of this constitutionally most superior house in general and its scientific support services as well as committee work in particular. Various joint studies have been conducted in preparation for parliamentary debates and workshops were organized jointly with both national and international participation. 

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Vietnam General Confederation of Labor (VGCL)

The Vietnam General Confederation of Labor (VGCL) is the national umbrella organization for all trade unions. The long standing cooperation programs between FES Vietnam and VGCL focuses on the legal rights of workers, worker´s protection at the work place and institutions of tripartite nature. Most recent activities concentrated on labour-dispute settlement procedures.

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Vietnam Union of Workers in Industry and Trade (VUIT)

The Vietnam Union of Workers in Industry and Trade (VUIT) is a key partner of FES Vietnam. Since 1998, the training for trade union trainers remains one major aspect of the cooperation with the predecessor union of VUIT the Vietnam National Union of Industrial Workers (VNUIT). In 2003, FES Vietnam started a joint project called “Change Management” together with DaimlerChrysler, the Vietnam National Union of Industrial Workers and the Metal Workers Union of Germany (IG Metall). It aimed at introducing methods for a successful corporate transition from state-owned enterprises to private company. Currently, the focus of support lies on organizational issues.

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Vietnamese Union of Friendship Organizations (VUFO)

The Vietnam Union of Friendship Organization (VUFO) was the first partner of FES in Vietnam. Since 1990 this partnership forms but the backbone of FES activities. The current collaboration focuses on the countries’ economic and social development, the role of civil society, regional integration efforts in general and the social dimension of the ASEM-process in particular.

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