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16.08.2019 | News
A PhD Student’s Passion for Biodiversity
From an undergraduate in forestry, Mrs. Pham Thi Kim Dung now has become an PhD student, as well as a guide at Melinh Biodiversity Station. Her passion for the forest and its wild animal has…  
03.06.2019 | News
Upgrading infrastructure vs. nature protection
Undergraduate students from Hanoi explore Cuc Phuong National Park and discuss the negative effects of infrastructure development on nature and biodiversity.  
A young woman showing something to four female students. They all sitting around the table.
12.11.2018 | News
From bystander to storyteller: how to engage young journalists in climate stories?
On September 29th in the Academy of Journalism and Communication (AJC), Friedrich Ebert Stiftung in Vietnam (FES) and AJC co-organized the public event “AJC Climate Day”. The event was held to…  
01.11.2018 | News
Workshop on revising Vietnam’s Nationally Determined Contributions while aiming for climate justice
Less than one week before the launch of the IPCC special report on global warming of 1.5ºC, Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Vietnam together with the Vietnam Climate Change Working Group (CCWG) chaired by…  
15.10.2018 | News
As Vietnam revises labour law, FES and partners debate the opportunity to improve workers’ rights
The ongoing revision of Vietnam’s Labour Code is an opportunity to ensure workers’ rights are better protected in the economy of the 21st Century.  
10.10.2018 | News
“A forest starts with one tree” – Connecting youth leaders for a greener Vietnam
“A forest starts with one tree” is the theme of the Vietnam Youth and Sustainable Development Forum (VYS) 2018 which took place from 10th to 16th August in Hoi An, Quang Nam, Vietnam. In the green…  
26.07.2018 | News
Project launched to make sure Vietnam's trade deal with EU endorses worker's right
A project launched to ensure that the country’s trade deal with the European Union explicitly safeguards labour and environmental standards, which are laid out by EU and UN guidelines. The project,…  
09.07.2018 | News
Vietnamese trade unionists on Study tour on Green Growth
From 25th-29th June, 12 trade unionists from different parts of Vietnam visited Germany to gain insights in the work of German trade unions on Green Growth.  
06.04.2018 | News
Workshop “Just Transition in the Energy Sector”: A roadmap to a just energy transition in Vietnam
“Phasing out traditional coal power and transitioning to renewable sources of energy would significantly reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, improve the health of Vietnamese people and could be an…  
16.03.2018 | News
Spring School 2018
During the Spring School 2018 in Hanoi and Mai Chau, students from five Vietnamese and German universities - Hanoi Law University (HLU), Vietnam National University (VNU), University of Applied…  
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