Economic Justice and Sustainable Development

The economic reform process in Vietnam has not only resulted in tremendous success in terms of economic growth, but also a remarkable reduction in poverty and the establishment of a prosperous society. FES has supported this process through contributions to improve the framework of economic governance, both legally and politically.

The search for an economic model based on inclusive growth and sustainable development is strongly influenced by the global trends of climate change and environmental degradation. FES supports the trade unions in Vietnam as well as academics, journalists and civil society to participate in international forums and national initiatives and programs to address the negative impacts of climate change and to ensure a fair transition from a “brown economy” to a “green economy”.

Latest News

25.02.2021 | News

Job announcement - Project Manager

Are you passionate about social and labour issues and want to contribute to a world where no one is left behind? Do you enjoy working with people from…


07.12.2020 | News

Social-ecological transformation in cities in Asia

Social-ecological transformation in Asian cities is instrumental to achieving many global development and climate targets. As dense settlements of…


30.10.2020 | News

Vietnam’s Updated Climate Goals Aim at Maximizing the Co-Benefits of Climate Action

Vietnam has recently incorporated a new section into its updated Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) under the United Nations Framework…


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